Favorite "everyday" design

What are some of your favorite examples of everyday, mainstream design places, products, ideas, etc.

My personal favorite is Target. Their products are so fun and happy. Love the colors, the styles and when I see the commercials, I’m smiling for the rest of the day.

The air vents in 2000-2005 Volkswagon Jettas (and probably some other VWs) look great. The best part is that they flip up and kind of “thump” into place when you need to turn individual vents off. Like my brother says:
“It looks like the future.”
As a bonus, when the vents are closed, AIR ACTUALLY STOPS COMING OUT OF THEM. I’m amazed how many car makers still haven’t achieved this feat.

The manila folder. I’d be a completely disorganized mess with out them.

Other honorable mentions: paper clips, rollerball ink pens, pencils, PC…

tops for me is the lever that makes all the water, etc go down on the toilet.

Where would we be without that?

FYI: Great recent book/website on the subject:

As un-ecofriendly as the plastic may be, the disposible coffee lid (with the fold back flap) has always struck me as pretty genios.

The paper clip? The folder? The coffee lid? c’mon guys, those answers are so what you are supposed to say… :wink:

I am going to go with the switchblade VW key fob design… and the staple, just kidding.

Money, in particular the new twenties. They are kinda ugly, but someone put a lot of thought into it, and I like them.

those little yellow plastic doohickies you used to put in the center of 45’s so you could play them on your record player.

the shot glass

the buck-knife

thick opalescent glass

all the little colorful overmolded toys for infants you see in target etc these days.

somewhat off topic…the new little volvo, esp. the wagon - looks like a snub nosed pistol. could it be more perfect?

I have this calculator that, when you lift the screen protector, a spring engages and the protector rotates around to become a support, tilting the calulator towards you. it’s so inexpensive and the motion is so elegant and pleasing - I could play with it for hours.

My carved wooden buddha. He’s just so happy!

badz maru. such a surly little penguin…

The Yin-Yang. Overused & bastardized, yes, but I wouldn’t change a line on it.

The Kite.


I agree… I gotta try kite surfing sometime.

Also, big umbrellas, duct tape, windmill windproof lighter, sharpie pen, gerber multi-tool, notebooks, smashball and short skirts on my lady. OK, not everyday designs but they’re pretty useful :wink:

the Canadian flag, not a product but a fu-king wicked brand!

Post notes!


a pillow-very simple easy to make and not alot put into it but without it u wake up and you cannot move your head.

I need to be using mine right now- 5am