Favorite Designers?

Hi people,
Who are your favorite designers??
I want to know

Mike diTullo

Let me see.There seems to be many outstanding designs in the world.My favorite designer is Vivian Westwood.Street Style, made in Britain, and English Eccentrics.She always bring us lively and random idea,but really attractive.Vivian is a famous queen of the punk fashion .And not before long ,in Shanghai China,there was a classic collection for vivian westwood at forth flour,18,WaiTan,creativity and design centre.I was so luck that I went to see it .That was a wonderful experience! And as well as I want to know,who is your favorite designer,why? May be we will have a cheerful talk next time.

Alan Chan :open_mouth:

sarcasam can be so cruel.

I like: all for very different reasons:
yves bahar (I like his style, except the footwear)
RKS (consistently cranks it out)
Saarinen (eternal classics)
Wright (the dude could draw his ass off, had the ego the size of a small country, demeaned his clients, started his own school, love him or hate him, thats entertainment)
early Starck
Noguchi (love him)
Joe Columbo
Pio Manzu
Leowy (my favorite of the pioneers)

To name a few.

I wasn’t being sarcastic dude. I like your designs a lot and respect that you take the time to share what you know on these forums.

Thanx, I appreciate it… that makes 1!


Here’s some more guys I think are good:

-Kenji Ekuan (dude designed the freakin’ soy sauce bottle, c’mon!)
-Jasper morrison
-Hate to admit it but I like a lot of Newson’s stuff, and the fact that he’s got the nads to back it up.
-Mario Bellini
-weird, bunt interesting: Colani
-Hartmut Esslinger (original Macintosh)
-Basta ‘Pinin’ Farina
-Russel Wright
-Hans Gugelot
-Arne Jacobsen
-Jacob Jensen (everythin Bang and Olufson is just a knock of this guys original stuff in the '60’s)
-Lovegrove (esp his work for apple in the '90’s, it never made it to production, but it was sweet)
-Charles Rennie Mackintosh
-Verner Panton (I only really like that one chair, but its so good it gets him on the list)
-Roberto Pezzetta
-Dieter Rams
-Bruno Sacco
-Sapper (he early stuff)

That should keep google busy for a spell

Where are you from Shining?

Thanks Mike for the list of designers.

How does everyone think of Karim Rashid?? He seems popular… but to tell you the truth… I don’t think he’s that good… Nothing strikes me as “Wow, how did he come up with that?” Maybe I need to know the explaintion behaind each of his designs… I have to say I have no clue to the purpose behind the “Pearl Mask”… I think it neither looks good; nor does it seem functional to me…
Maybe I’m just not smart enough and experience enough to understand it…
Can any of you more experienced and educated people explain it to me??

P.S. you can find the pearl mask on karimrashid.com under ‘product’

I like Yo’s list, here’s a few more that I like practicing in different disciplines:

IM Pei (architect)
Santiago Calatrava (architect)
Moore (sculptor)
Brancusi (sculptor)
Mies Van der Rohe (architect)
Philip Johnson (architect)
Charles & Ray Eames
Henry Dreyfuss
Johnny Ives
Erik Spiekermann (typographer)
Rem Koolhaas (architect)
Ron Arad
Tadao Ando (architect)
Frank Gehry
Louis I. Kahn (architect)
William McDonough (architect/sustainability champion)