Favorite chair?

Lots of chair threads and this might already be one, but curious what are some of your favorites? I know it’s a broad category, but curious which ones come to mind first as your favorite and why.

I have many, but I think one of my favorites is the Cherner chair.

If I have to pick one it will be Jasper Morrison’s Air chair, regarding the overal story behind the design and manufacturing.

I’m unfamiliar with the Air Chair story, care to give a little more detail?

  • The Folding Air Chair is one of the more nicely executed production folding chairs I have ever seen

I’ve always liked the look of the Jacobsen Egg Chair, but suppose that’s too obvious.

My favorite designer chair is probably the simple Eames fiberglass armchair rocker. pretty generic from a designer’s standpoint. but the history of the piece and what it’s done for furniture design is far reaching.

The Bone Chair by Ross Lovegrove is one of my favorite art/exploration chairs. The forms on it are amazing and I love how it breaks a chair down to it’s most essential elements.

I also love the Eames chairs just by virtue of the working processes they developed and what it meant for ID.
Lovegrove’s chairs look nice on the screen but then don’t work well in reality.
I don’t like all of Philippe Starck’s playful designs but I do like most of his chairs, and they are excellent.
Travelling through France’s cities’ is basically a living Starck chair exhibition :slight_smile:

My favorites are the Eros chair:

Louis Ghost:

Bubble Club (surprisingly comfortable)

Broom chair:
It is made of wood-plastic composites, a great material innovation combining wood waste chips with polymers.

Bubble Club (surprisingly comfortable) is too cute, and comfortable sofa…

To pick a favorite is hard. Morrison, BarberOsgerby, Grcic, Fukasawa and the Bouroullecs have between them designed so many iconic ones.
And that just the contemporary designers.
I got a soft spot for Maruni, Arper and Vitra.

But a chair that I have always liked a lot due to its details is the Colander Chair by Patrick Norguet, manufactured by Kristalia.
I just think its near perfect in construction and proportion.
I saw a Wood seat version in Milan this year which was gorgeous and gave me serious Prouvé vibes.

There are so many… Jasper Morrison’s Air Chair (specifically the one with armrests) is a favorite of mine.

Chierowski 366, Google it, awesome.

I have to go with the LC4 chaise longue as being one of my favorites.

For viewing or using?

For viewing.

An older thread, but I am a chair guy. In the 90s, I was more of a collector. But since I have sold off a lot of stuff. All of my Starck stuff is gone, too plasticy. Although if I found a W.W. stool at a reasonable price, I would get it.

I don’t have actual pictures of my collection (odd, because I have lots of pics of my bike collection), so I have substituted stuff from the interwebz.

In chronological order.

Shaker ladderback, mid 19th century. What I consider the start of minimalist movement.

Number 14 Thonet, late 19th century. High tech bendy wood.

Rietveld chair, 1920s. Surprisingly comfortable.

Bertoia Diamond chair, 1950s. I got this for $5 when the guy above me got evicted while in college.

Eames lounge, 1950s. Fits like a glove. Mine is Rosewood, made before the ban.

Aeron, 1990s. It was a bonus from work. Kind of fitting during the dot com era.

And since I cannot afford a Blo Void, I got a Tom Vac instead, about the double aughts. Scratch and dent sale at MCA. A bargain. :wink:

No one mentioned the Panton chair yet? From a sculptural perspective, definitely a favorite!

I went to see a talk by Tom Dixon last year and liked some of his chairs, especially the S and Pylon.

And then there’s the Lockheed Lounge by Marc Newson.

Finally, and also surprisingly comfortable if you put the effort in, the Do hit chair for Droog by Marijn Van der Poll.

Ok, so none of those is particularly good at actual comfort. From experience, and still great to look at, the Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer supports your butt in a lovely way.

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I think one of the most interesting and iconic designs in the last 20yrs is the PIANOFORTE line by gregorysung - the duo of Professors Gregory Polletta and Sung Jang. Originally for DePadova and Kartell later produced internationally by Roche Bobois Paris and which Steinway & Son’s Magazine Steinway Issue 2 2010 by Faircount - Issuu later crowned “a definite candidate to become heirloom in the future cleverly combining elegance with a sense of fun and luxury”

The design won a Best of Architectural Digest award, Best of Elle Decor award and The Design Duo award by TL Magazine just to name a few

Neat. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

I am also loving the concept chairs by Joris Laarman Labs: Work - Joris Laarman

Check the adaptation chair, a full nylon SLS 3D print then electroplated in copper.