Favorite album covers

I’ve always loved album covers. I was listening to Ghost In The Machine, from 1981 by The Police this morning and this is one of my favorites of all time.

What are some of your favorites?

A fav cover, and album

Just occurred to me that the digital image are the three band members.

I didn’t see that until a few years ago :rofl:

A close second:

nice, what album is that?

Scoff if you want to. I was in, like, 4th grade. Loved the full gradient. And the ‘hot/cool side’ motif was used on many mixtapes henceforth.

nice pick!

Not going to lie, I totally bought this album (on CD) because of the cover back in 2001: Air, 10,000 Hz Legend.

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

New Order Blue Monday 12" single. I bought one just for the cover. All the Peter Saville stuff is pretty nice.

Actually, I used to have Joy Division Unknown Pleasures hanging in my apartment. My wife says it’s too depressing though.

This one was always the first one to come out of the jacket after the Thanksgiving holiday…Still is 4 me…!

My favourite album cover to hate. This cover and its content disrupted popular music forever at the end of the 20th century.

so much hate the image broke

If it isn’t glaringly obvious, I stopped looking at album covers when they stopped making albums.

(Perhap) unintended side effect of this string: reminding me of excellent albums I need to listen to again.