Faucets and Door Handles

I need some form inspiration for a school project I am currently engaged in and thought it would be a good idea to look at the forms of Door Handles and Sink Faucets for this project. Although I have no idea where to dig for the higher names in the field does anyone have any suggestions of anything I can look at. there are no particular themes I am looking for at the moment

If you want to look at some magazines Dwell and Metropolis usually have ads in them with designer faucets, sinks and other hardware. Zaha Hadid did an interesting handle a while back now in production by Valli-Valli. Kohler has some really nice faucets also.


Those magazines are a great place to start. also check out the big name designers, a lot of them have done door handles, Starck, Michael Graves, etc.

If you are interested in WHY door handles and faucets are like they are, check out The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald A Norman. A great (if a little dated) look at practical ergonomics, mapping, etc.

A couple for YO!:

Dieter Rams door handle

Frank Ghery handle

I found these by using google images. Just tap in “door handle” and you will have hours of inspiration.