fatboy prototype - wood toy project

Hi all,
Saltnpaper currently doing an experimental toy project here. the idea is to blend the precious traditional Javanese carving skill and bringing it to the next level by blending it with urban toy design. there are some point that we are still try to improve but nonetheless our excitement make us want to share it with you guys on the process, we hope you are enjoying it as much as we do! any comment and critique are most welcome! thank you for your input guys!
Fatboy is made from offcut teak wood and we are planning to finish it with non toxic semi gloss finish. any recomendation for the finishing and what kind of method you will suggest?

if you want to know more about us you can visit http://www.saltnpaper.blogspot.com
Saltnpaper usually design fun for all papertoy, but looking at Indonesian beautiful tradition is getting forgotten makes Saltnpaper initiate to run this fun project.
lots of thanks for the help!
IMG_6641 [1280x768].jpg
IMG_6643 [1280x768].jpg
IMG_6639 [1280x768].jpg

That’s nice, I like it…

So is it something that your going to produce or just a single toy as a concept?

Wow. Stunning.

Do you have any process photos or drawings? Would love to see how it was made.

Thanks, we plan to produce it for a limited number (expect in hundreds) and currently struggling to balance the cost and quality ( we don’t want to dissapoint our toy lover!)

Hi, the character is based on saltnpaper first papertoy character ( you can check http://www.saltnaper.blogspot.com to see how our characters are born!)
for the production process, we don’t really have much picture for this first prototype buut I promise that I will post a bunch of goody pics for the revise prototype!make sure you follow us!

How do you find the pattern?
What kind of finish would you prefer for fatboy?
Do you think you will buy fatboy if its already on the market?
any other critique?

thaanks for the answer to my loong questions.

I think the pattern suits the style of the body and the material… it looks very traditional and foreign/exotic (from a US perspective).

I don’t understand the head though - does it represent a face or mask or armor? Maybe the engravings aren’t working as well there

For the color, the wood is great. It could be interesting to use a dark color to selectively mark some of the engravings… like pacific islander tattoos. Just an idea, but it would change things a bit

thanks Travisimo, the head represent a face and on the engraving we ( lots of people too) also notice that it still need some tweaking so thanks for your input Travisimo, we’ll make sure to work on that part!

wow, the pacific islander tattoos pattern is very interesting!

we can promise you that the next prototype will be out next month (along with the interseting production pictures!)

cheers :smiley:

Wooden toys are the way to go! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Choking hazard?? I think not

Hi all!

finally we get our hand on the second prototype, we changed the wood, some pattern. let me know what you think of its new mask

Great job on the details. The new mask is great. Adds that extra bit of personality.

I like this finish/wood better than the first.
It looks right, the first one looks like door molding or something…

thanks ingnium & JMAG, I promise will post some pics after I paint it with finishing :smiley:

Hi all!
The long awaited package finally arrived! 5 Solidboys are now ready for the final touch, I’m planning to have them coated with clear matte finishing. The previous experiment with the coating turned out to be much darker than I expected though.

Since the beginning of the first prototype, I have been receiving questions about when will I launch, how many will be produced and how much Solidboy will be sold? Well, not that I’m trying to be secretive or something… The reason I’m keeping it in silent is because I want to balance the pricing with the quality and originality. After the long and intricate process now I can share you these:

  • The launch for this design will be on March 2010.
  • This Solidboy will be limited to only 5 pieces for each design.
  • The price isssss… (I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone) US$200, including shipping worldwide

Unlike paper toys that can be produced alot & almost instantly, working with this wood toy turned out to be very intimate. Especially with the very limited piece, they virtually kind of grows on me… A bit sad to think that I’m going to send them away their new home too…

The picture that you see above is not the finished artwork since it’s lacking the coating. I just can’t hold my self to show you all the whole troop of Solidboys ;D.