Fastest and good quality rendering program

Hi all once again, another question to ask you guys.

Which renderering program offers really fast (comparatively faster than the rest of the programs) and good quality renderings?

Thanks for your replies once again.

use the search button…its a common question…but if u want speed try a renderdrive…dedicated rendering

i am new to using technology for designing and need a prototype to put into 3D , does anyone know if there is a freeware program that will do this for me?

The prototype will be displayed in my pro when i can get it finished for anyone who wishes too view it.

kind regards British_rob

p.s does anyone know where i can find some designing jobs in orlando as coroflot has none. :exclamation: :smiley: :confused:

not alot of software will do stuff for u…but u can Pro/E Desktop express is a freeware CAD app from PTC

read other threads about rendering. comments and links posted.

thought Pro/Desktop discontinued. maybe not. but nothing magically creates itself. 3d scan technology i’ve seen creates marginally useful data. this board has threads about that too. use Search.

yeah looks like they killed the freeware version but the commercial version is still available:

not to sure if this wil be any good:

wavefront used to offer quite speedy renders, especially if you kept the poly count below a few thousand. and it ran on hp/apollo, sun, dec, sgi, titan, ibm aix, ibm pvs, and sony news systems. and cray.


Em’s renderer used to be the best.

wha’s “em”?

or who?

anyone still use electrogig?

whoa. you people dont know David Em? guy was using custom renderers at JPL…pretty sure. godfather of CG! describes him as an artist and credits jim blinn with the programming at jpl, more or less. blinn, the guy they named an alias shader after. somehow bui tong phong and lambert don’t get the same level of name recognition… okay, lambert didn’t describe the whole shader…