Fastening a piece of Velcro to aluminium


I’m looking for some help\creative ideas how to mechanically fasten Velcro to a thin plank of Aluminium 3/8’’ wide (picture attached). I was thinking:

  1. Riveting - the head is to big though and the result is not as flush as I would like to be.
  2. Glue - I don’t like gluing things, would rather have a mechanical\fusing solution. But even if I agree to do so, what kind of glue should I use?

The use is in a lighting fixture.

Any help\ideas will be really appreciated, I have been stuck with this for too long without a satisfying solution.


Some kind of glue would be best and least ugly. Try some sort of 3M VHB (very High Bond) adhesive. If it’s in lighting I can’t imagine there is a lot of weight/force.

Usually you can get the velcro with a self-adhesive like this on the back, on a roll. Makes it easy. Just cut and stick.


The aluminum should be anodized for glue applications.

When you say use “in a lighting fixture” are you implying high heat exposure? If you’re putting it near a bulb that changes things.

Flat head counter-sunk screws should do the trick (bordering on overkill), or perhaps a spot face treatment for the rivet method.