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is awesome.

i agree, but could you elaborate?

Love the way it has evolved and deals with both design thinking as well as profiles of really well designed objects as a business priority. I am indending to do something with/for the magazine re the intersection of Business and Design. Any thoughts? Of the recent topics from this forum which should be the first focus?


Well this is an interesting topic that didn’t evolve. I bet we could use the help from business and marketing people. Maybe the problem is a lack of dialog…

There was an article related to this subject a few months back. I think that the main problem is that design managers don’t see the value for this. It is seen as a waste of time. Measuring “RODI” as a historical record, does not give you the tools to predict if the option A or B will sell better in 2 years from now. Measuring the past to predict the future market behavior in a context of constant change and innovation will not work.

I know that, as designers, would be really nice to measure RODI beforehand. I also know that being able to measure something is better than nothing, but we have to come up with something new, not based on historical data.

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