Fashion drawings using illustrator 9

Can anybody help me? I am a fashion designer thats just got hold of illustrator and just need to know step by step which tools i need to use to draw up a technical drawing of garments. o.e a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.


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by the way whats taking so long. i need to know now

You have a really helpful attitude! After 20 minutes, you want to know what’s taking so long? Buy an Illustrator 9 book. Since it’s an older version of the program, you can probably buy it cheap. Or, do a Google search for Illustrator tutorials, if you really need help right away.

sorry, im normally an extremely patient person
im working with a tight deadline. i was told its much quicker to do these drawings on illustrator but i really dont have time to buy a book.
thanks for the advice anyway.

it is only faster to do the drawings on illustrator if you know illustrator. Have you used the program before?

ditto. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it will really show. Hire a kid from school who knows it. trying to do it with no experience in a rush, won’t be good.

You douche bag, if you need to know NOW, you should have learned illustrator last year. (!)

The Adobe classroom in a book series is pretty usefull.

You could crunch through it over the weekend and that should give you an idea.

The help menu in Adobe products also have the steps indexed.

Start with pen tool, brush tool, gradient fill, selection tool and direct selection tool.

If you don’t have time to learn the program through a book, get out some markers. Nobody will be able to give you an all encompassing e-mail.

Also look into the biggest Wacom tablet you can afford.