fashion designer ideas

Im looking for a gift around $50 for a fashion designer (woman 28yr). Any fashion designers on here that could give me some ideas?

nice pair of gloves, fashion branded keychain (prada, etc.), books on fashion design, scarves, accessories…?

whatever it is, i’d suggest you be sure you know her style and brand preferences and go for something small/quality/branded that she may appreciate more than a cheap sweater, etc.

$50 in the world of fashion obviously doesnt go very far (when a gucci t-shirt can cost $200), so focus on something sentimental or unique/quality, in my opinion.


thanks for the reply

I’ll have to disagree here, I think the last thing you want to get for a fashion designer is a fashion piece. They’ll know the field better than you and would be more critical I think. Knowing that I dj on the side, sometimes my family wants to get me a gift and decide to go to radio shack and get some cool dj thing for me for a present. Bad idea! They don’t know the field like I do and I can almost guarantee I’ll end up throwing away the tandy radio, belt drive turntables, and optimus speakers they’ll end up getting for me.
I’d say, pick something that’s not in their area of expertise that they may still appreciate or something that’s totally unrelated to what they do. I’d only go for something in their realm if they’ve hinted to a specific thing and you know they don’t have it already.

good points. i know exactly what you mean when someone gets me a “designer” gift and its some sharper image crappola gadget, i toss in a drawer or try to re-gift. i was just thinking that if you did put some thought into it, and bought a good brand, you may be OK.

another angle you could look at is to get something within your area of expertise (design, graphics?) that you think they might like. either way, you need to know them well enough to not get something useless/crap, though.


If this is a colleague or acquaintance, I would probably try to go with something simple and acceptable. For example a lux leather bound blank book, some very nice stationary, initial debosser, or a lux fountain pen.



Good luck man, that is probably a tough one to get for!

thanks for the input and links.

These are all of the problems I have been facing!

Yo’s idea is the best as a fashion (footwear) designer myself, anyone who tries to buy a fashion item will invariably get it wrong.
We are picky picky picky!
So a good quality blank page notebook would be apppreciated very much, yes.