fashion design schools: whats out there?

Hi, I am a Canadian student and I am trying to enroll myself into the best fashion schools out there.

I WAS thinking of Central St. Martins as my top choice. However, after i googled it and saw the comments made here about them (which was mostly negative comments regarding their product design faculty) I am starting to get worried.

Can anyone name other schools that are pretty good? I do prefer it not to be in the US.

Thank you so much!

this forum looks really exciting! and thanks for any replies!!

  1. Parsons: They are the ones who host Project Runway. The head of the school, Tim Gunn, has made an amazing name for himself. This school and FIT are probably the most well- known schools for fashion design in the nation.

  2. Fashion Institute of Technology: Very well known, fashion design school and is state supported.

  3. Pratt Instititute: Strong design school in NY with lots of connections.

  4. University of Cincinnati: Very well regarded design school (in fact probably more well- known than the schools noted above for design), but I don’t know much about their fashion program. However, it is state supported; thus, cheaper than a private school and has the added benefit of providing a guaranteed 1.5 year paid coop program,which provides kids money for college and great experience upon graduation.

  5. RISD: Probably the most well-known art school in the US, BUT I have not heard a lot of raves about their fashion program. RISD is primarily known for graphic design and fine arts oriented subjects such as painting, illustration, printmaking etc.

6.Otis College of Art and Design in California has a good reputation especially for costume design.

  1. Syracuse University has a very repudable art program and has a very decent fashion design program. Certainly, if you want a full, big college experience, both Syracuse and Cincinnati are the way to go.

This should get you started.

thank you so much for those information

theres some other schools that i have heard of too that were not mentioend: like the Royal Academy of Antwarp (thou i dont think i can learn Dutch that fast…)

i really just want to work for some higher end company, so I guess thats why CSM seemed like a good choice, but i guess if u were to graduate from any of the schools, you probably would get pretty much direct entry into any ‘higher end’ fashion houses right?

Rusthy asks,“but i guess if u were to graduate from any of the schools, you probably would get pretty much direct entry into any ‘higher end’ fashion houses right?”

Response: I am not sure if what you are saying is true. Certainly, with Cincinnati, you get 1.5 years of guaranteed experience in fashion. The others may or may not offer internships. You REALLY need to investigate placement.

Probably, your portfolio and background experience is what gets you jobs with fashion houses.

these things are really ambiguous i suppose

i mean if u dont find out, it really effects your career

its all in the name
like if i were to graduate from my canada school, i will not work for realy anything in anywhere because it just doesnt have a prestigious name
and as shallow as it is. . .

working for a name brand is where i want to be since thats the area i want to pursuit in

so its pretty important
but where would u go find prestigious schools as a list online?

usually its more word of mouth, which kinda makes it more difficult . . too