Fashion Design Looking to Transfer to ID

Hello ID world!

I am about to get my AAS in fashion design from the fashion institute in NYC and finding myself completely uninspired by my school… I really would like to get into outdoor sportswear and outerwear, gear etc…

I find that I am uninspired by anything that doesn’t have a purpose and/or make people happy.

I am doing very well in school, however am just coasting by with the bare minimum,I have 2 more years to finish my BFA, but I’m just not that into it… Then I stumbled upon a bunch of ID Students and I am WAY more into their projects then my own- I have always loved wood-working, and have been a natural maker of things, furniture, jewelry, intricate forts when I was young… etc. I am a geek when it comes to how things are put together… but transferring seems daunting.

I have already transferred schools once from a liberal arts University- I’m already one of those older students, but I feel like ID will push me harder and hone in my problem-solving and creative skills to build upon my apparel background.

What would be your advice for me? What schools accept a good amount of transfer credit or have summer courses to help you graduate earlier? Are there any good certificate programs that might be a better option? Also, money is a big issue so I need something I can afford, but has a challenging and decently respected program. somewhere on the coasts, in Colorado, or abroad.

Thanks for all you help!

Welcome to Core77,
have you visited Pratt and Parsons? Talk to some prof’s with your portfolio, and you’ll get a good idea of where to start.

So if I understad you correctly, it is not so much that you want to switch careers but rather adjust your educational path into a more ID related direction.
Usually, my go-to advice would be to stay in your program and get your degree but to try to work with ID related projects as much as possible. For example, I would imagine that accessories could come out of a fashion design program, just as much as from an ID class.

Having the degree would actually make it possible for you to dive into Grad studies later on. Getting into a decent Grad program, if you start working on it now, should not be a problem down the line.
German fashion brand ACRONYM ( for example has a neat cross over between fashion and ID with their great accessories line. Another example is of course HeadPorter. But there are many more.

Otherwise, I second No_Spec, go and visit the ID schools in the NY area. If you love woodworking, maybe make the trip out to RISD. I was a student at Parsons and I can give you some insights via PM if you like. But if you are not blessed with serious scholarships, it is very expensive.

I’m not looking to change career paths… I’m just wanting to be a more rounded designer and be able to work in technical soft goods, packs, gear etc…

I definitely want to visit the schools in the NYC area- I’ll be calling admissions to see if I can make an appointment. I am also wondering about Metro State in Denver- if anyone has any information… it would be cheaper and make my life much easier… but I don’t know if it’s actually worth it if it is a sub-par design program.

Thanks for all the help!

There is a precedence for this. Many technical softwoods designers have studied ID. Raf Simons did as well:

One idea might be to transfer to a school that has both Fashion an ID so you can take classes in both. I recomend looking into Pratt.