Farm Equipment design (and or other vehicle types )

I was just curious, if anybody happened to know if something like designing Farm equipment (tractors combines ect…) or I guess Lawn equipment is hard to get into. I grew up on a beef farm so I already have a pretty good grasp on what would need to go into a design, so maybe that might be something I’d like to pursue.

If you’re an engineer, its super easy. John Deere loves young graduates. Otherwise, they probably use outside firms for most of the design work of the consumer products (garden tractors, etc.) Most of the big equipment hasn’t changed too much in years.

Yeah I have noticed that tractors tend always look alot like tractors, but I have noticed that a lot of companies are starting to actually use design a little more than in the past. My father always goes to trade shows and I was checking out some new products brochures the last time I was home visiting.

My college instructor designed a farm tractor for a german company once, but he was hired as a contractor for that job.

Maybe try gardening equipment? Black and Decker?

Industrial Vehicle Technology magazine often feature ID of tractors, construction vehicles, etc. It’s kind of like Auto+Design for heavy vehicles!

Through exposure to this industry I learned they all have staff designers, a few companies had only one both doing the work and coordinating hired ID consultants.