Fargo Footwear

I recently moved to Fargo, ND for a job (yes, like the movie) and it really is colder than what I am used to (coming from the Twin Cities). Today it is sunny and -13F. The windchill is what kills you. -35 to -50 these past couple days.

I ran into my postal carrier yesterday and was surprised to learn that he walks his route! He said he does about 10 miles a day and I couldn’t help but notice his footwear of choice. I asked him about them and he said his feet were HOT at that very moment. I instantly needed a pair. Even though I spend as little time as possible outside in this weather.

You actually put them OVER another pair of shoes/boots. So I wonder how dirty they get on the inside?


Those temperatures are in-human! I would imagine it would feel like death! Awesome that he can walk his rout in that weather. At a certain point fashion goes out the door and it is all about down and dirty function. It’s all survival at those temps… I guess I should stop complaining about boston! I did get some crazy thick REI wool socks though (seem like about an inch thick, no joke!) this year and even on the coldest day my feet were hot!

Yeah I never thought I’d go farther north than MPLS. It does feel like death sometimes but you start to appreciate the importance of good gear. My patagonia down coat constantly impresses me. Like your socks, I guess nature got it right first.
Nevertheless, it would be nice to move somewhere warmer where you can still wear clothing that is both stylish and effective.

Ya, real good then.

Couldn’t resist. I used to live down the street from the Minneapolis parking ramp they used for the shooting scene towards the end of the movie. God Bless the Coens.

Back to the footwear. I’m pretty sure this girl uses them on a daily basis http://www.arcticglass.blogspot.com. She races the Iditarod invitational on a bicycle. Last year she had an unfortunate bout with frostbite and almost lost her toes. Now she has to wear these boots when it’s barely cold. Good reading, and great photos though.