Fantasy football

Fantasy football was always one of my favorite parts of the football season. problem is im now working in a small office and most of my friends could careless about sports. There has been some success with ncaa brackets and world cup brackets. So is anyone interested in doing a core77 fantasy football league?


I’m in.

draft may be interesting with us all being different time zones. but ill see if i cant get something set up this weekend.

Fantasy football is all set up for the 1st 16 who want in.
Password: core77


Awesome now we just need a few more people

Yeah, no kidding. A 2 man league would be very very interesting though.

lol highest scoring games ever

Im in

I’m in as well…

Technically, we shoulda’ drafted before the draft though…

I’ll check into the website and see if I’m too late.

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Awright - I just messed up your 2-man league and made it a 3-man power struggle…

Looking forward to it.

we are going to need more people if this is going to work. I was hoping to keep this fantasy football league within the core77 community, but we may have to open it up to others.

Signed up. I think we will need some more peeps. I’m already in our office league so that supply line is tapped.

Hey at least we’ve got an even number…

Draft is on Sunday. We are running out of time so join now tell friends to join too.
Password: core77

Everyone remember that the draft is sunday at 8:15 est.
we will not have enough people from core77 alone so please invite anyone you would like. the more teams, the more fun it will be.

Uh oh…

I just got an automated email this AM from the ESPN fantasy source stating that unless our league is full, the draft aint gonna’ happen…

Unfortunately, the folks I know that are keen on fantasy are already in 1 or more leagues.

Never seems this hard to populate leagues. Then again, I’ve more typically been a part of office pools…

  • David

Ditto that. It is tough, everyone I know is already in 2-3 and have no interest. Bummer. Maybe next year?