Fantastic beer!

ok. if you can find a place that got a keg of this stuff, you’ve got to try it.

best beer ive had in a while.


when I was in Seattle for some research we ended up at a bar that had the
craziest beer list I’ve ever seen (I really don’t get out much)
I saw something with YETI in the name and they were out so I went for an
Okocimi Porter, it was my favorite beer I’ve ever had.

Totally agree about the Abyss – they did a feature story in the Oregonian last week celebrating its release, and some of the local beer geek bars are worrying they didn’t make enough this year. But yeah, it’s a real fine stout. Not so keen on the Buzzsaw, but I’m not much of a fan of Browns to begin with. I’m sure it’s a good example of its style…

hitch -
yeah i meant the abyss. they totally didn’t make enough this year. only 32 kegs were relesed to the greater seattle area… and by the time i descovered it (monday) theres far fewer left. It’s a heart breaker, but something to look forward to next winter i suppose…

idiot: did you go to brauers (Sp?) in Fremont? I fell asleep reading their list once.

If they run out of Abyss, this might be just as good:

Not actually brewed in Oregon, but far enough north that we’re willing to let it slide.

better try red horse from the philippines…it’s sweet and got lots of kick… LOL

Hear this one?.. Anheuser-Busch’s stock price was up over 8 per cent last week based on rumors that InBev (european company) is putting together a $46 billion bid to buy it.

Last weekend we were supposed to have a Microfest here in the STL area, but it was cancelled due to the inclement weather, at least on Friday. Brewers were coming in from far and wide to this event.

I’ll keep an eye out for it.

shounds interesting, I must try it too
do you remember where this bar is or you drank too much that night :slight_smile: ?
anyway I’ll look for the YETI everywhere I go…

Tap house

happy to say that Bells is once again being distributed in IL.

AWESOME ! I was going to mention Bell’s
Oberon is a summer classic and the Kalamazoo Porter is nice IMO.

I took two cases of Oberon to “college reunion” type party back at UofI last year and was treated like a god. LMAO

Oberon is amazing, I’ve got some good memories of hanging out at the yearly release parties, good times.

Laugh if you want, but the new Schlitz is awesome.