Famous german designers/architects/artists

Hello one and all!

I was doing some research on the history of design and art in germany and came across a few prominent artists/designers/architects… helmut newton (photographer) dieter rams (designer) are a couple. Could you help spit out a few more? Any reason why they are particularly interesting to you? Thanks

mmmm. have we forgotten Walter Gropius already?

interested, why? i had a department supervisor, in the early seventies, that had been a student of his.

Well, Bauhaus comes to mind pretty quick…

Try Erik Spiekermann, german designer and typographer, founded a company called meta design. Spiekermann has founded various fonts and has written many books as well. not sure if he’s retired now or not, but check out the work, it’s excellent stuff.

Albert Speer. . . … . :open_mouth: