family romance question yuk!

Hello all,

Recently my fiancee’s older brother met a real scank. She is fat, has a ten year old son, lives in a modular home (basically trailor park) and is by most males opinion’s including my fiancee is ugly. In the beginning of their relationship she told him she refused to do it. Just before they would start to get going she would pull the plug and say “I’m not ready”. I know this because he even asked me for advice saying is this normal for a 29 year woman. Her excuse is “the day we do it I want you to either get me pregnant or I want a ring.” She said, what if you dump me after we do it?

One night he stayed over her house and slept on the couch. He said he forgot his night shorts. She went in the back room and pulled several pairs of mens shorts and sized him based on the selction in her closet. Then she invites him into her room and pulls the plug again. A real tease even by female standards.

She kept playing these games and for some strange reason he kept going around. Well apparently this ugly girl has the magic wand because he has become what many call “henpecked”. I guess she gave it up.

Now she is driving his car, made him take her and her son to the movies and such, called my fiancee an a…hole, made his brother stop going around the family, interupts bachelor parties via phone calls, even yelled at him for going to a family funeral and has ruined their brotherly afterwork golf outting.

It’s really amazing to me how one person has affected so much in just 2.5 months. I wish I could post her photo. My best friend who is a guy told me to take a picture of her and send it to him. He says guys opinions are different than girls. However, even their dad thinks she is poop.

Question: Do you think this girl will actually get a ring out of this deal??? Or will it all blow up in her face???

Description of the guy involved: Attractive by female standards, no kids 31 years, works everyday.

One of the more interesting posts here in a long time.

If your fiance’s brother has no spine, she will be around for a long, long time.

Given the amount of details you know about that woman, I assume that your boyfriend’s brother has been talking about his relationship with both of you guys, which shows that at least he does value your opinion. I hope that is still the case.

There can be many reasons as to why a person chooses to stay in the wrong relationship. And it is always very delicate to give advice to someone you care about, especially if you feelthey would be better off reconsidering their commitment.

I think the best way to do that would be for the three of you to have a talk together, you, your boyfriend and his brother, where you tell him that you really care about him, really want to see him happy, will respect his choices, and that you’d still very much want to be a part of his life.

Everything you say about his girlfriend must be factual and expressed in a polite manner. You might not be getting along with her, but calling her names will probably get him on the defensive.

If, like you are implying, that girl is using him, your duty is to help him face the reality he refuses to see, because he is aware of it somehow.

Well there have been a few updates since my last post.

I recently, found out this weekend from my fiancee that his brother found out that she has been receiving several calls in the middle of the night from some ex-boyfriend that wants to hook up with her. I they have been on the phone in heavy conversations and my future-brother-in law has been trying to make sense of all of this. Recently, we all went to a wedding with some mutual friends. This was her first introduction to the firends and to my surprise she got a little waisted at the party.

She tried to justify to me that she has turned her life around and chooses not to party hard like she used to when her son was little. I told her if that’s the case why are you holding a cup of beer in your right hand and a pitcher of beer in your left arm. Not to mention those smokes you did back to back all night. Hmmm.

As far as talking to his brother I think not. Sometimes I think it is blowing his mind that this below average woman is putting him down, and acting as if she could take him or leave him. I’m learning a lot of tips from her that even an unattractive woman can be just as powerful as one that looks nice. All you need is the right combination.

Oh yeah, at this wedding she told me he’s been talking about getting married. I dare not tell my fiancee this tidbit of information. I wish I knew what her secret was. Apparently she must be pretty good at her craft.