Fall ID Internship

Does anyone know how common it is for companies to offer fall internships for ID students?

If so, what companies typically offer them?

Thanks everyone!

It’s pretty common and might be a better experience than doing a summer internship as there wo’nt be many other interns.

Most that do falll internships will be graduates on their second internship or students that can work full time. Most companies will want full-timers so make sure you can commit.

The big firms/companies usually have rotating internships for summer, fall and winter. In this case, it won’t appear as a job posting, but just be a constant page on their website. As far as I can tell however, seems pretty common although not as common as summer internships but you could always try your luck asking if you saw that the company had a summer internship position.

I would assume there is less competition since fall/winter internships would overlap on most school schedules so most of the students will be in class as opposed to trying to find an internship, but I can’t confirm this.

I’d say its pretty common, most companies have interns all year round, at least here in Europe. Id say its around time to start applying for fall internships.