FALL 2006

I’m desperate for market trend research so maybe some of you could help me. Where are the trends headed for Fall 2006? Dress and casual, mens and womens. I’m looking for anything! Colors, toe shapes, lasts, materials, etc. If anybody has any ideas, they would be much appreciated! Thanks :smiley:


It costs money to subscribe to this site, but it is worth it. It is my bible for trends.

Above is the link to view Pantone’s pdf file about color and seasonal trend reports. If you click any of the categories found on lower navigation bar (print-digital-fashion+home-industrial design-architecture+interiors-colorteam), the next page will have a trend report(s) for each unique category.

Oh yea, its free.

this one isn’t too bad even though i don’t agree with all of it


i think the best is to get input from all kinds of trend reports and then look around you…look at what’s trendy for Fall 2005 then what’s coming out for Summer 2006 and then draw your own conclusions on what’s going to be hot for Fall 2006. i know easier said than done!

one of the ways i do it is by downloading images of the most significant uppers, lasts, heels, materials, ornaments,… all from the different seasons, then i classify them and that helps me create my own summary of the past and present trends and i work on from there. i see it like a time-line that is slowly developing in a certain direction.

also i wouldn’t take the trend reports like a bible!!!..anyone can put 100 random words together to summarize a trend.

does anyone have a password for wgsn…:slight_smile:

A password for WGSN would be great but I think since it is so expensive, peopel are careful about not sharing with those un-paying parties.

I totally agree with you. That’s a good idea on looking at it like a timeline, I do that also. I usually just look at the hottest shoe and figure out how I can improve it, or find what I can gather from the feeling of it. I don’t believe any of these trend reports that are online either really. Anyone can just write anything. I would rather see it for myself so that I am confident about my work. It would be great to see one of these expensive reports but until I can get one, it’s going to have to come from my observations I guess.

i got lucky onve when one of my friend passed on a trial password to me…he got it for a week for his company…but hey i did work great…

If you click on TRENDS, you will find some colors, and ideas for Winter 2006 from Paris…http://www.lecuiraparis.com/accueil_uk.htm

I thought maybe you guys or someone out there could give me a hand with discussing womens dress trends for Fall '06/Winter '07. I’m on a deadline but don’t have any resources. I would appreciate any advice soo much! :wink:

what kind of stuff do you need to know? themes? colours? shapes?..i’ll give you as much info as i have

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