Faking an anodized finish

Hi everyone,

One of our biggest retail shops is asking for sample part for a product we have coming out. I have samples of the part in raw aluminum, but not anodized. Does anyone have any experience with any of the spray paints that fake an anodized finish? My other options are to try and anodize it myself with a small home setup (I have done it before with limited success,) or find a shop that is willing to do a small single piece. Any advice or experience on the subject will be greatly appreciated! I need to turn this around in the next two days.

Thanks in advance.

Clear anodized finish?

Go to à shop and anodize it in the earliest batch they have going, regardless of color, could be an option?

Never seen a paint that resembles anodizing. Closest I’ve been was sandblasting that atleast had a similar texture. Wanted to try to dye it with textile dye, but never got around to it. (a friend dyed clear plastics to make them look tinted which looked genuine, which is where i got the idea from)

What color?

If you’re after a clear satin finish, you could try a light sandblast followed by a matte clear coat. That might give you the effect of anodizing.

Along the same lines, if it’s a black ano finish. Matte black will do the trick.

You’ll want to use a quality baked enamel finish. Check with an auto body shop or Sign shop in your area.

Thanks for all the quick responses everyone!

I am hoping for a blue finish. The parts have a light bead blasted finish. I think I might be able to color it with a marker and then hit it with a clear coat.

Here is the paint I was talking about: Metalcast® Anodized Automotive Paint – Duplicolor

A long time ago I used black marker to fake a small piece of anodized aluminum for a sample. The thin dye of markers lets the metal material surface show through. Maybe you could get the effect you are looking for with an evenly applied coat of marker refill. Cotton swab or airbrush, maybe. Or if 60mm covers your part, a super wide marker. MOLOTOW™: Home

Tint a matte clear enamel.

Unless, are you looking for a brite dipped anodized finish?

Haven’t tried this specifically, but if it’s as good as the rest of their products it’s killer.

“Use basecoat converter first over non-shiny surfaces to create reflective surface”

I’ve used transparent spray that comes in these small cans. It’s at the hobby stores not hardware stores. That duplicolor metal cast looks awesome, I’m going to try that out.

Well, I went with the Krylon X metal (Thanks Lmo!). I think the results were quite good. You can tell it is painted, but it is good enough for a model. I did my Xacto knife also. As with any project, the prep work is key. I sanded the xacto to 400 wet, degreased, and hit it with three light coats, sanding with 600 in between.

Nice! Going to have to grab a can of that…

^ THIS. It works amazingly well. I made some foam models look like anodized metal; they looked superb.

cool… my axiom holds true; if it’s as good as the rest of their products it’s killer. :wink: