“If you can make it, they can fake it”. interesting article on counterfeit culture. a must read for IDers.

(yellow highway paint? get out.)

As a vistor to LoWu market in Shenzhen, China I can tell you the market is very strong for knock-offs. LoWu is the center of the universe for fake products. Imagine a 4 story shopping mall with over 2,000 shops (about 20’ x 20’) with fake everything!! It’s just across the border from Hong Kong and is full of every nationality people you can imagine.

The latest thing to copy is golf clubs. They have most of the major brands. A full set (with a bag) costs about $100. One of our dumb-ass sales guys bought a set and tried to walk through US customs with them - declaring the value of a full set of Pings at $100!! Needless to say they confiscated them.

Some of the copies are quite good, while others are crap.