Fake or Photo

A fun little challenge.

I got 9 out of 12.


11 out of 12. Got the bulb wrong.

Shitty use of depth of focus gave most of the others away.

Ya, i missed the lightbulb, the gavel, and can’t remember the other…I think the spanner.

9/12. Missed the clock, gavel and shelf.


Got the glass, and pull chord wrong

Missed the blinds… I swear I’ve seen that image before as a rendering. I remember taking this test 5 or 6 years ago and it was much easier to tell CG vs Photo.

Just like bobcat, the bulb fooled me.

I found it hard to make the call on the blinds -I couldn’t make up my mind whether that was planned inconsistency or natural. It was 50-50 and I got lucky.

10 out of 12

I missed the bridge and the pull cord.

I would love to Model that bridge. but halfway through the project i would probably start to loathe its existence.

all lucky guesses, those renders are crazy!


I got the door wrong, haha. It was suspiciously over-textured to me.


I missed the blinds for the same reason as Paul


The blinds got me, but I can’t remember what I selected. I think I picked CG, because of the strange glow around the chord…

Same as above 11/12 missed the blinds.

10/12, blinds and gavel. The lighting just doesnt look right on those blinds, almost like there is an artificial ghosting going on.

12/12, i reckon the gavel, door and blinds could have been either though.

11/12 the glass. Idk, it looked fake, I just thought “too fake, must be real”

10/12 Those damn blinds! The colors on the door looked somewhat artificial too.


That was tough… spend enough time looking through the lens though, and you will know the subtle differences…

10|12 .the bulb got me, could’ve sworn the filament looked very CG!


Blinds and Bridge got me.

The bridge felt like a trick question so I guessed CG.