Faithless 'Sun To Me' animation.

Hi Core 77,

I’d have rather of put this in another location, as I don’t want to muck with your community, however, i thought some of you may beinterested ina little animation project we’ve cyrrently got going.

Have a good day to you all.

Animation competition: Faithless ‘Sun To Me’ with Dolby 7.1 surround mix.

Dolby has joined forces with Faithless, Acer and Imagine to bring you an exciting prize competition for the summer.
For more details and to enter please follow this link:

The Faithless track ‘Sun To Me’ has been secured and remixed in Dolby 7.1 surround sound from their new album ‘The Dance’ and we want you to create an inspired piece of animation to accompany a segment of the track. The winning animator will receive an Acer Aspire Ethos with Dolby Home Theatre technology and their creation will be used by Acer and Dolby for demonstration purposes around Europe. You’ll also receive an exclusive red carpet screening in front of a VIP audience.

How do i export my MapleStory animation in good quality? When i export my maplestory animation (.swf) and convert it (i use iWisoft), it doesn’t have that nice vivid look as in other animations made my MapleMissile or Spritefan2 etc. how do i export in high quality?