Fair Payment for look and feels

I’m currently in the process of designing look and feels for a blue chip publishing company.

I was presented with my first brief through a friend who I know at the company, I came back to them a month later with 5 designs (which I had spent a lot of time on) and presented them to herself and another manager, they both said they loved what I had done and couldn’t wait to see the internal page layouts, they added that I had hit the brief spot on and were very happy with the designs. They chose 2 and said they would need to see the internal layout to decide which one.

I sent the internal pages to them, at this stage they presented the designs to the CEO of the publishing company. She did not like the route we had taken and said I had to start from scratch, this time rebriefing me as it seems the first brief was not spec’ed out properly.

At this point I started thinking, do I take another go at this or do I ask for payment for what I have done - what about the time I have spent doing these designs that have been bombed, that were according to brief? I then emailed my invoice to them requesting that I be paid for these look and feels.
It doesn’t seem as though they want to pay considering they wont be using any designs.

I would appreciate other thoughts on this issue, I dont think its fair for people to pay for something they not happy with but what about my time that I’ve spent on this project?

How should pricing work that is fair to both parties?

Ideally this should have been established going in with a contract signed by both parties. Establishing an hourly rate or a price for the whole job is a way to make sure you get paid. If they are coming back at you to start from square one with a new/different brief, tell them you’ll have to bill it as a new job, but I wouldn’t work another second for them until you have an agreement and get paid for the work you’ve done so far.

On another note, if they originally presented you with a brief that was not accurate, that is not your fault, they sent you down the wrong path and essentially wasted your time (if they dont’ pay you that is). If they thought your work was spot on with the original brief then you’ve proved that you can follow their direction well, they just gave you the wrong direction, and yes, they should pay for that.

But the responsibility lies on you to make sure, up front, before you do any work to get a contract signed, if they refuse or play games, walk away.

I would follow up with whoever you emailed your invoice to, make sure they got it and ask when you can expect payment. If they approach you with more work, tell them you can get started as soon as you get paid for the work you’ve done so far.

No matter what, be polite :slight_smile: