Failed attempts to log into account?

Hi everyone,

am I the lone one experiencing the warning " too many failed attempts to log into your account" with
the added necessity to enter a captcha? Is this a general data base error or is there really someone eager
to hack into my account?



Had the same issue last night.

I got it this morning but with Tapatalk on the iphone. Thought it was related to that app since there were No issues when i tried to log in on the laptop directly afterwards.

Got a pop-up just now, too. I’m guessing there was an update of some kind on the back end?

got it this morning also.

We’ve been experiencing a lot of spam lately and trying to deal… thanks for the patience. I’ll check with Will, our other technical admin Will.

I got it too. I thought it was god trying to tell me that I spend too much time on core77.