Factory Tour in Guangdong

Over the last 6 months, I’ve talked to several people who have expressed a desire to take a factory tour (myself included) the next time they are in China or HK on business. During a conversation at the IDSA conference in Austin, TX last week, Elaine Ann of Kaizor Innovation pointed me to an upcoming event sponsored by the Industrial Design Society of Hong Kong. (Thanks, Elaine!) It’s a factory tour of Midea Electrical Appliances operations in Zhongshan & Shuntak, Guangdong Province, China on October 30th from 8:30 AM til 10:30 PM.

Unfortunately, the cut-off date for registration was 9/20. (Sorry about the late post on this.) However, if you are going to be in HK on 10/30 and you really, really want to take the tour, you can always try to see if there are still some openings. For any inquiries, call 852 8100 8990 or e-mail info@idshk.org The cost is HK$480 or about $62 US.


$62 for a factory tour?

WOW - I think I’ll suggest this to my factory as a way to generate extra revenue (since Wal-Mart is reaching deeper into our pockets every year).

We can even coin a new phrase:


For an extra US$10 you can even assemble widgets on the line…

I’ve worked with Midea, but never visited one of their factories. If someone goes, I’d appreciate a Flickr set.

And one-word, you might suggest having your company do the same if they haven’t. Can’t hurt and could very well help. I know I like to see good pics from the factory.

Anyone who has any part in the design of any manufactured product absolutely NEEDS to see the manufacturing facility and understand the capabilities and limitations. My recent visit to a large contract manufacturer’s facility in China was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my career. I think it’s great that Midea is opening their facility to the public.

I will echo csven, a Flickr set of the tour would be great.

hmm i have some pictures somewhere, will upload it soon.

I am a designer.And reside at Dongguan now.I can give a help to everyone if possible.
Donggguan is the world factory,maybe it can give any designer a new idea.