Facebook Hardware. Meta dumb?

Facebook has been launching hardware with their portal screen/camera combos and now a new wearable smart watch with a camera… who would wear Facebook hardware?

Also… Meta rebrand… that will fix things…

I love the ad you screen clipped there that includes an Amazon wearable…

A watch from Facebook (the company that LOVES privacy :wink:) that includes a camera? No thanks.

And my god did Mark Zuckerberg look and sound like a cult leader in that promo video. He must be surrounded by yes men…

I could’t resist also capturing the “Echo Frames” add… the competition for who you pay to surveil you is high!

I heard a great quote from journalist Jia Tolentino this week: “surveillance capitalism does to (life) what strip mining does to a mountain”

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I’ve tried to resist publicly (online) sharing my thoughts on their hardware because

  1. a lot of it is really good, like the Quest 2
  2. I know and like the friends, classmates, and old colleagues working in various hardware depts at that company
  3. shit on the internet lives forever.

Its just crappy how the potentially cool hardware has to live under the umbrella of data collection and mis-use. I haven’t used anything except for a Quest2 but barring some amazing experience have no desire to try any of it.

I like ‘MMAAGT (pronounced “maggot”)’

Sean, same, I’ve got friends at both FB and Amazon so I haven’t spoken out much on the hardware… Yes, things on the internet last forever, which is why we should really be thinking who we are giving the keys to forever over to I suppose!