Hello everybody,
my name’s Aurelien, I’m a french designer fresh out 5 years of design studies in Paris
2 months ago I’ve created a group on Facebook looking to meet designers from France (since there’s not much articles in french on the web) to share experiences, techniques, adresses, everything related to design…
the web is really poor, I wish I could share every interestings articles from Coroflot with my french folks…

SO, french designers on Coroflot speaking good english you’re welcome :smiley:

designer’s best friend on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/groups/edit.php?gid=112176905473659#!/group.php?gid=112176905473659

Oh and if anybody got ideas to improve this…let’s go!


Est-ce que c’est ouvert aux francophones ou juste les francais?

Bonne chance!

C’est ouvert aussi bien aux franco qu’aux français et j’espère qu’on créera une grosse communauté de designers!!

A bientôt!

Google Translate is going to get a work out now… :wink:

Mr., I really must read more carefully; on first reading, I read franco_phobe_… :blush: