FABULAS - Inspiring the World on kickstarter.com

What do you guys think of this app that we are building?

It is a story creation app to inspire children to be more creative by inspiring children to create wonderful new adventure stories and in doing so they learn to be more creative.

I know this is simple, but it just might work. What do you think? :bulb: ?




Hello Toli.

Please post the details of your project here, not in a link and I, and no doubt others, will take a look and give you a response.

Thanks, good idea:)

Fabulas is built on an “inspiration engine” which presents the children with a random selection of story starting elements.

In fact, there are over 4 billion combinations for each Adventure set. Simply shake the iPad to reveal a fresh random selection of inspirational elements to begin a new story. It is this random nature which forces the brain to think creatively.

These elements are dragged into pages within a story book and text is then added to create your story.

Stories can be created together with your friends and family no matter where they are.

Fabulas opens up a whole world of co-creation, where friends and family can create stories with you in real time over the cloud. Imagine the fun of co-creating a story whilst chatting with your friends! Or taking turns to create a story!

Once completed your special adventure books can be shared via social media or sent to a book printer.




Now on startup88 :slight_smile:


It is a nice concept. Brought to mind an old episode of “The Prisoner” where Number 6 reads an illustrated storybook to kids.

All for creative storytelling.