fabrics material and processes

hi, can anyone pls help me find a site where i could find different kinds of fabrics used in golf bags (nylon, polyester,etc…)… pls help

Can you give us some more info? Are you a student looking for fabric to use on a project? Are you looking for specs on the materials? Essentially, what info are you looking for?

yes, im a student currently doing my thesis project. I need get some info on different types and kinds of fabrics that is used in golf bags, it needs to be light and weather proof but i dont know where to search and what to search. i have searched through the net and books, but its hard , i really need your help…

600 denier polyester is light, cheap and waterproof if pvc or pu coated. It is what most backpacks are made of - and some of te golf bags that I’ve seen.

Also check out different weights of ripstop nylon and microfibers.

Good luck with your project!

You might try looking at an outdoor material supply company. I’ve had good luck ordering from Seattle Fabrics. They even answer E-Mail questions pretty well.


Otherwise, try a search for “outdoor fabric supply” or “backpack fabric supply”.

Do a search on Cordura or Ballistic Nylon.

thank you so much for all your help… i owe you all big time…