F1 chair :)

Hello, That`s my last project…
I hope you will like it?
I will be very happy if you have some critics and comments.

best regarts

Cool shape - reminds me of some of Ron Arad’s recent stuff.

The ‘racing stripes’ are a nice graphic effect, too.

How would you make that?

I like chairs with padding, personally. Maybe you could try a variation with neoprene racing-seat-cover kind of material?

Looks nice, though. What’s the modeler/renderer combination?

Mold the thing out of self-skinning urethane foam - problem solved, though you probably wouldn’t get the automotive-like finish.

right it would not look like that if you made it… nice rendering though.

Is this chair adressing any issues or just another pretty object in cyber space?

I like it It looks cool yet slippery to sit in. I will never forget some of the modern furnature in my fathers library that looked great but required constant readjustment.

I was thinking of suggesting that, but decided against for just that reason…I think that, other than the “wheel” shapes, the main Formula 1 semnatic is the gloss car paint finish. I don’t really see anything in the shape that would relate to that…looks more like a motorcycle to me, in fact.

As I look at this post again, I can see myself wearing socks and trying to put my feet in the front holes.

I am not making a judgement of any sort just trying to visualize myself sitting in the chair

I’ve always thought that car seats for infants looked eerily similar to automotive racing technology (minus the high-dollar composites, of course).

I like the rendering…Does not look comfortable, just my two cents, but the design is very engaging. Looks like it could be Gaudi’s version of a F1 inspired chair…

Great work.

It’s pretty, sculptural, but I don’t see a chair when I look at the renderings.

The gold/brownish one looks more like a piece of jewelery or an 18th centuary napkin holder (depending on scale)

The racey red one does look more F1ish… like a really fast napkin holder…

Have you ever read Victor Papanek’s “Design for the real world”?