f. CAD

it sucks. sometimes I think its the worst thing that’s ever happened to product development.

(just ranting cuz i can’t get this effin transition is proE to not suck :slight_smile: )

In all seriousness, sometimes it amazes me what a love/hate relationship I have with CAD.

I feel your pain!! I’m at day 5 of cad’n a product. Day 1 was great, so was day 2, but by the third day i want someone else to finish the damn thing. It’s not that I don’t like defining every little fillet (I do!), but that amount of time solidworks takes to figure out a 10 part, 180 feature tree when i’m changing things - just plain sucks. And, that is on a $4000 workstation. Oh well…that’s my rant in line with your rant. Putting the headphones back on, and diving into photoworks next! :unamused:

Yeah- it seems like CAD is really useful for injection molded parts. When you start straying down other paths its starts not to be as useful. Almost useless in soft-goods.

I was looking at some of the stuff that Eames et all worked on. It seems like they were skirting the bleeding edge of their material choices rather than the edge of what their software was capable of.

yeah, I usually wish I had done the graphic arts class in high school instead of the CAD class all those years ago. Its like a disease. Once someone knows you know CAD, regardless of what youve done and what you tell them all they hear is bla bla CAD bla bla bla. Lately, when interviewers and recruiters ask me if I know AutoCAD I lie and tell them no, I especially hate 2D

Rhino is cool though. :smiley:

Maybe I can help you for free… and I’m in chicago. call me … I am in town till friday 22nd

hey Bart. thx for the offer. I was able to get through it eventually, I just needed to vent. It was my fault, trying to get away with some 3sided bullshit when I know better. Now its shelling and all the boundary conditions are good.

It was good to meet you at the BBQ at Beyond the other day (played some cornhole at the end of the night). Gotta convince those guys to do that monthly :slight_smile:


You were playing next to us? still come over for a visit…

We have NASA in for Maya training this week but the third week of the month would be a good week to stop over for a visit since there will be Pro/E surfacing folks to talk too.

Actually I played (beat!) you, I was partners with Sam from Beyond. It was at the end of the night and after a lot of imbibing.

I’d actually really like to stop by some time, I know a few people that have worked there and taken classes with you and I’ve always been interested in checking it out.

Once I get past my current deadline I should have some time to stop by.