When I say ‘eyecatcher product’, what products does it bring to your mind???

What are the attributes that make a product an eyecatcher?
things like functions or tech specs, or colour, or mechanisms, or interface or form or…?

…what ‘catches’ my eye are products which make unique visual statements…it can be form, color or material…i have three degrees of encounter…head turner, traffic stopper and contact…if i am still hooked after touching something…it just might go home with me.

Hey Mrd,

That is a good way to classify the degree of eyecatchyness!
Do these products also become topics of discussion? Can you name some of your favourites products in this category? or any models of cellphones in particular?

And thanks, that really helped.

…i don’t care for flip phones…slivr looks interesting, but i don’t need bluetooth, or a camera or mp3…a second line would be sweet, so i wouldn’t have to carry two of the little buggers.

probably something that can take the heat and the beat.

If you make it look like jewelry, Then it will attract people like jewelry.

shiney good— was the way I displayed certain products.

Obviously tubesocks will not display like jewelry, but if you have a product that could contain the “jewelry” virtue. go for it.

“eyecatcher” can also refer to extremelly badly designed products.

To me almost nothing is eyecatching anymore because everything comes from the same Chinese factory and if you’ve seen one Apple ripoff, you’ve seen them all.

Even vaporware looks the same these days, now that is sad.

the reason for that is indirectly psychological and it should be blamed on US government’s stereotyping signals which have underlying social behavior pattern making. we read and hear in the media so i’m sure everyone is familiar with it. i am not saying there aren’t generic products but these products have to compete in a [collective] consumer market that is stereotyped driven and according to top US officials whenever they utter a retarded claim the world of [disputed] manufacturing as far as “eyecathers” is concerned is categorised as follows:

chinese/asians = communist dictator hacks who might attack japan and taiwan
russians/central asia = bully mafia fascists with lots of waste on resources
middle east = terrorist extremist muslims with nothing better to do
south america= drug dealers who like soccer and ta-qilla
africans= canibals with aids who wear animal skin and feathers and have hard to remember names
japanese= overworked sushi eating alchohol driven nut case cartoon stickers ready to kiss your ass
germans = although good engineers but still too soon to trust them again
french = european sissies who like to brag about their fashion and food
italians = if they say all roads lead not to new york, they aint italian
australians = you mean downunder??
irish = which side you on mate?
british = tolerable - only if they get rid of their heavy accent and extremely horrible grannie TV shows!

US = perfect - waiting for an excuse to sample your type and take your investment because why should you go to all those screwed up places in the world and get ripped off?!!

so when it comes to easy to produce products from cell phones to papercups the visual is truly a mask to disguise a product’s cultural background when indeed most of these concepts could have originated as business ideas rather than true brand products in offices of an overseas company with local investors / designers and in today’s global network, the main office could be anywhere in the world.

these products also compete in their own home market with products that are imported from US and most of those that are shipped to US at the same time have passed iso/safety standards and other requirements.these things are almost routine preliminary procedures even in the most unlikely 3rd world country and everything is done on the net.

so it’s not a question of what it looks like rather how cheap it is and how it functions and who buys it.