Eye Tracking Equipment

Does anyone know a reputable vendor of eye tracking equipment/software? The equipment that will chart the path of eye movement over a given stimulus (e.g. image, website, etc.). I’ve found a fair number of CHI articles and academic institutions that perform the service, but no one who is selling a consumer friendly rig.

I’d appreciate any leads.


Yep, OVO Studios:



Thanks for the prompt reply. The Ovo gear looks good, but I was wondering if you know of any company that produces head mounted trackers? My goal is to set up some experiments with prototypes to see what features on a model pop or flop, as well as working with software interfaces and whatnot. Sorry, I didn’t make this sufficintly clear in my original post.

Thanks again for the pointer, its a very useful lead.

If you are looking for something consumer friendly, I’d advise against a head mounted type.

The state of the art in terms of unobtrusive eyetracking is made by Tobii in Sweden http://www.tobii.com/