eye or egg

The Egg

Paul Andreu

The Eye

Santiago Calatrava

What will come next???

Aside from the fact that they both use the hemisphere shape, and the water element they’re both fairly different buildings. Theres more to the building than just it’s profile.

Besides, it’s not like that doesn’t happen 1000 times more often in the ID world.

Case in point:

ecoolio, I thought we agreed that you would not be overly promoting designcelebrity on here?

Did I mention that name here !!!

Man I really do like u

Check the post now :wink:

I agree with you that their is a big difference between the building

But in same time they are inspired from things we see it every day in our normal life

And that’s what’s making them the same …… in some how !!!

In the mid 70’s I designed and bilt this product the picture is the inside of spherical controlled enviroment. The sancturary had hot air, cold air, heat lamps, sun lamps, steam generator, stereo and a polorizable skylight. The sanctuary was a 8’ sphere and becuse of its super insulation could be used year round and only needed a 120 v 15 amp electrical connection…see spheres and hemi spheres are every where.

nice work zippyflounder

check How spheres become more intelligent by the years !!!

Invisible Sphere - Johnathan Schipper

thanks for the prop, but a sphere of tv’s is hardly intelligent given the nature of programing (360 degrees of survivor?)

Is the point that there are a lot of creations that seem really similar in many ways to other creations?

Yup, however i did get a patent on mine…big whoop.