Extrusions! Yay!

Hi All,

Just casting a large, general net here in prep for a new project. New project is an extruded process (can’t say the material, but let’s say similar to a plastic), about the diameter/length of a pen/pencil.

Just wondering if anyone has any exciting examples, process hacks (to achieve things that don’t look extruded, good combos with unique secondary processes, etc.), interesting profiles, etc.

Not looking for anything necessarily technical, functional or material focused at this point, just inspiration, different ways to look at the process, etc.


Thanks. Did check that out, but looking for things closer to the small size and length I’m working with.


I always find co-extrusions to be fun:

Hard to give examples without more context. Good luck!

From this company: http://www.apextrusion.com/index.html
(I’m sure you’ve found them via Google.)

Most extrusions I work with are metals…

I like extrusions that work with the flexibility of the plastic, integrating features such as hinges and snap fingers.
You can integrate tiny grooves as drilling guides. Co-extrusions for rubber-plastic for isolation or damping.
There is a Dutch company, Heering, that can also implement continuous printed foils on the extrusions for metal, wood, leather or other artistic effects. So a lot is possible. In my experience you often need an aesthetic finish to make up for the extrusion lines, though on some convex curved surfaces these lines are minimally visible.

Check this ABS combo out: https://www.plastiblocks.com/single-post/2018/08/02/Unique-Chess-Set

It’s manufactured using injection molding process, which makes it much more reliable to work with.


@plastiblocks that is a great material to try out on home CNC machines, it will attract attention on forums like DIYCNC, Snapmaker, ZMorph.