Extremely secretive company

I saw an ad posted by this company for ID internship. I tried to research about the company, what they have designed, people, mission etc. I found one person currently interning there, so I thought of contacting him to get a bit information on his experience.
First off, the companies website is password protected. SO cant go further than a blank page. Then the intern refused to give any info on the company due to NDA. I cant find any address, people or anything anywhere in the internet.

I am thinking of applying for this intern position, but the company is extremely secretive except for a short description of what they design for in their ad. Are there companies like this? this is the first I have come across.

Tons of startups are like this. I was freelancing with one a month ago who wouldn’t even let me put their name on my resume. Just a broad statement like “Mobile startup focusing on emerging markets”. It’s all about getting the competitive edge, and in the technology market, the Internet could give away too much to your competitors even by showing who you’re hiring or what you’re doing.

Thats stealthy.
So you work, you have experience, but cant show it in resume. Its like working for military in area 51 or something.

Yea it blows balls, especially because startups fail 90% (don’t quote me) of the time. Can’t even show it in my portfolio.

Is there a statute of limitations on NDAs?

It should be in your contract. Mostly it’s a set term or it might say that it’ll be up after a certain amount of time after each party is notified, or after product is released to the public, etc…

I haven’t got an interview yet, but the person I contacted said if they call you for interview, you will sign a NDA.
NDA for an interview?

Yep, probably just to protect themselves when you go to their offices. You may catch a glimpse of some secret stuff, and they may have to discuss sensitive topics in the process of evaluating your skills. Read it carefully, don’t do anything stupid, good luck.

What are the pitfalls that you dont want to go commit to.

Pitfalls? NDAs basically sign all your rights away. You aren’t allowed to talk about it or show anything without expressed permission. Non-disclosure just means that. But you should still read it.

We all had to sign NDAs (20 of us) for a firm tour when our school IDSA went to Toronto.

NDA’s are a big deal and they are not. I would read it, and sign it. BUT READ IT ALL FIRST. I can’t show a lot of the work I did in the last few years due to that. The only exceptions are things that are in production, but that can be a little gray even (how dumb right?). If you want the experience you should look into it, if it seems whack skip out.