Extortion technique

I’m wondering if it’s acceptable practice to use a job offer from another company as a way to ‘negotiate’ a higher pay from your current employer? Anyone ever do this with any success? Just curious, of course.

I suppose extortion is a harsh term, but I thought it made for a catchy topic title!

I think it’s quite common, actually.

It’s as simple as supply and demand…the cost of the goods goe up as demand increases…

This is what you’re SUPPOSED to do. Its the art of negotiation. Extortion is going to that interview, then sitting there punching yourself in the face, then threatening to sue him for assualt and battery unless he hires you and gives you a good salary.

we all saw fight club thanks. :blush:

Seriously though, i think this is pretty much the norm. Sucks that you have to do it that way. A former boss actually recomended I do this. I suggested he save me the extra work of interviewing and just give me a raise :wink:

I pretty much assumed that this is common practice, but just wanted to get some other thoughts on the matter.

A guy I worked for once told me that a person that threatens to quit for a better job will eventually do it. This paints the person in a different light when it comes to promotion opportunities.

If you want a raise then discuss it with your boss. If you want to quit then do it. You’ll find out quickly how your boss feels about your work if they don’t come back with a counter offer when you quit. Tricky play…

In China it is very common to use the “resignation-to-get-a-raise” strategy because most companies won’t give you a raise UNLESS you threaten to quit. This backfires on the deadwood. They are allowed to quit and then find themselves jobless (and homeless).

that’s very true!

we’re not living in the darkages. a company that lets go of a good talent is like a hawk that lets go of its pinion.

This is true, to an extent, I guess. Hell, in this day and age, when the average worker will have 10+ jobs in a lifetime, you ARE going to quit for a better job. Gone are the days of working for one company for 30yrs. and then collecting a fat pension. If other companies are calling you, (ie you’re not actively looking) doesn’t that say something about your skills and marketability? Wouldn’t it be in the current companies best interest to keep you, and prevent them from having to goto the expense of hiring someone else?