extending decision deadline

Ok, so lets imagine I interviewed somewhere and I got an offer. But the offer was given before a few more interviews I’d still like to check out. I dont want to say no to the first company, so how do I interview with the other companies without doing so given a tight deadline? how long do offers stand on average? a few days? Thanks for the input

Usually you have 3-7 days but don’t count on it. Its always a risk.

Personally I feel a company should give you 3-7 days. This way if you say ‘yes’ they know you have really thought about it. It also give you time to ask more questions if needed.

Its a lot worse to accept a job then quit a few months later when something better comes along… of course a few companies don’t see it this way. They want a ‘yes’ on the spot.

I was in the same situation two years ago. I lined up 6 or 7 interviews over two months. My first interview got back to me in a week with an offer. I honestly explained I had allready scheduled a series of interviews and that I wanted to make an informed decision to go to to a place I would be at long term. I told them I understood it pit them in a difficult position but the positive for them was that if I accepted their offer it would be based on a true desire to be there and that I would not be leaving anytime soon.

It was a tough conversation, but well worth it. I ended up taking a job from my very last interview. It worked doubly in my favor by boosting my confidence. Also the place I work now is notoriouse for taking a super long time to decide. Going into the interview I let them know I had sevral offers, one of which expired in a few days, I let them know that if I didn’t hear from them I would take the other job. It was a great levraging chip. You always look more apealing when you are allready being courted. Take advantage of it, negotiate higher offers at better places. It’s scary, but you get few opportunities of this kind.

Good luck D