Exporting Rhino to Solidworks


My engineer claims to have trouble taking .STEP and native .3DM Rhino files. They use SolidWorks.

Any suggestions on what is the best format and way to export Rhino files to Solidworks?

Would IGES be best in this situation or is there a way to give them a Rhino file in a SolidWorks format?

Thanks for any advice!

I am new to Solidworks (just going through the tutorials) but I see you can open a Rhino .3dm file changing the drop down file type list in the open dialog box. I was able to open up a rhino file easily.

I’ve actually found STEP files to be best when converting Rhino to Solidworks, but IGS works too.

Something to consider is that you need to rotate the model in Rhino along the X axis. You’ll see what I mean when you place the STEP/IGS model into Solidworks. Also, it helps to always, ALWAYS use “0,0,0” as your origin as you’ll easily be able to bounce the surfaces between Solidworks and Rhino.

Ping me if you have any questions. I’m very familiar with doing this.