Exporting from Rhino to 3d s Max ?


what is the most effective way to export drawings created in rhino 4 to max 9 ( with vray plugin) with minimum deformation for rendering ?

i save my drawings with the save as command in .3ds format with most polygons. but when i import that file in max 9 there are some deformations on the surfaces.

i tried to save my files in iges format but max did not import or open that format. (there are many options in iges such as max 3or 5… but i don’t know which one to select)

one more question :slight_smile:

when i render my designs in vray the edges of the objects seem “zigzag” rather than “smooth”. espacially edges of the objects exported from rhino . may it be the result of the problem i told above?

thank you very much :slight_smile:


3ds is good option for transferring data from Rhino to 3dsmax.

Please select Polygon Mesh option > More polygon option

Check preview of the surface in Rhino.

Wisely select more or less polygon option for surfaces.
(more polygon …will have more file size)

So best way is select bunch of surface (select simple & complex surfaces separately) from the model try mesh option
Sometimes… less polygon option will give u a better surface quality.

Save separate files. (Position of these surfaces will not change from that of Rhino)

If you find some surface is not come out well ……only for that surface try maximum polygon option.


NPOWER Software has Max plugin that will import .3dm files directly and mesh them in Max – works great.

But, if you know Vray, then I HIGHLY recommend getting Vray for Rhino. Its made a huge improvement in my workflow… no more back and forth between Rhino and MAX. The only time I use MAX for Rhino models is if I need to do animation.