Export Rhino 3D model into Cinema 4D

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I am having problems getting models done in Rhino on my pc, into Cinema 4d on a mac.

On the Maxon webpage it says that Cinema 4d accepts a whole range of formats, yet I cannot get any of them to work, that is, it will let me import .3ds files, and dxf as long as it is treated as a mesh, and I would rather get it in a nurbs/surface format.

Any clue as to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks in advance

Cinema 4D does not have real NURBS, hence your problem. You should see if someone on the Rhino NG has a better solution for you.



I’ve used the following settings exporting .OBJ files into C4D versions 8.23-9 with great results on a PC. Every once in a while a part will come in and will have segmented edges. Just turn up the polygon count a bit when exporting from Rhino and it goes away.

Another format that works well is .WRL out of SolidWorks. If you use it, in the export options check for version 97 instead of 1.0. For some reason, unless a model is absolutely watertight coming out of Rhino, .wrl file export does not work.

Hope this helps.

eport as .OBJ file and check the following:
Polygon Mesh


Windows or Mac for End of line Characters


Names and layers if you need them.

You can increase the polygon mesh, but not necessary

Click ok move on to Polygon Detailed Mesh Options

Maximum distance, edge to surface 0.1

The rest of the setting you should leave as default.

It is a good idea to export your parts one at a time because fillets and different surfaces come in as sepparate entities. i usually import each part and drop all the pieces in a Null Object and then assign my shaders.

Hey Rodney check out this site it might helps you out!