Experience Needed! How do you put your ideas on the market?

I’m interested in taking on of my projects on the comsumer market . I need to find a manufacturer or a compagy that can help me produce it . How does a single individual go about doing this ? should I be looking for a engineering firm or manufacturing firm …Both…? anybody with experience can you give me some advice …Thank you …(‘:)’)

I have experiance in the aspect of helping inventors get to market. You provided far too little information to give you adiquate advice as to what your first step should be. Answer these questions first.

How far is the product developed? idea in your mind, words on paper, sketched out on paper, works like model created, etc.

What is your overall goal? Form a company amd market it under your own name, sell the idea to a current name brand supplier, manufacture the product then lisence it to a company for distribution.

Have you conducted a market survey to determin market size and potential sales volumes?

we well start with these.

Hi, I’m a US product designer that consults for a US run manufacturing/sourcing consultancy in China. If you haven’t sorted this out already I can give you some help.