Experience-Driven Design


Since this is currently a much talked about issue in Industrial Design, does anyone know authors, books or articles related to Experience-Driven Design?


Not exactly experience design…

Pine, B. Joseph.
The experience economy : work is theatre & every business a stage
Boston : Harvard Business School Press, 1999

It’s more about how entire businesses should be remade to be more like a stage, and goods becomes props in this theatre-style orchestration of an experience.

Not sure if that’d help too~

what exactly is experience design???

i’ll let CG answer this. i have my own interpretation (and a link to a PDF that forms it). but CG worked specifically as an “experience designer” iirc. probably get a more complete answer from him.

whares the link??

The short answer is that there are no good books on the subject. There are however an entire section of books on the emerging experience economy.

Experience Design is exactly what it sounds like: crafting the end-user experience regardless of discipline or medium. This is similar to the “whole product concept model” written about by Geoffrey Moore et. al. This is very user-centered and very strategic.

Contextually Experience Design is a logical progression from the Industrial age to the Experience age. It only makes sense that “Industrial Designers” would evolve to “Experience Designers” in the 21st century.

Today Experience Design is frequently associated with place-making and involves interaction designers, industrial designers anthropologists, interior designers, marketers etc. Arguably the Disney Imagineers are the penultimate Experience Designers. Unfortunately web designers have grabbed onto this as a buzzword and may erode its meaning.

my link wouldn’t help. it forms the basis of my thoughts on developing designs for end-users. it’s generic. and it’s mostly observational. practice formed well before the term Experience Design came in vogue.

when i heard the term i associated it mostly with Interaction Design. maybe bc i saw it associated with web design and software UI’s. to me Experience Design is what ID was already about. i find it odd we needed a new term for what i thought we already did: bring the end-user’s experience with the product to bear in the development and speak on their behalf to make the experience more rewarding and satisfactory.

It is another in a long list of words used to describe something that smart people do. These people would probably refer to it as work :laughing:

Isn’t industrial design all about creating the experience? Product being the tool and experience being the product. It’s also the experience received by the user that will determine if a design is successful. To me it’s not just about how a person feels about the product, but how the product makes the person feel about him/herself. Afterall, it’s all about the user who’s got the cash.

Of course by “product” it include things like brand experience and so on.

this term probably is a short refrence gradually transfered from concept development (whether it’s marketing, design director, CEO or whoever) to designer or design team when in slide/dvd presentations they want to convince the investors or board the product contains some experience.

the question is how far or rather how deep a designer or a design team moves into the experience zone, because non designer’s idea of experience is usually a vague object since the product they talk about isn’t really a product but just a concept.

could i have some examples of expereance design

saw an interesting pdf on redesigning Carnegie Mellon library (think it was that one). MAYA design involved. i just glanced over it, but might give you good example of designing for experience.

sorry no link to it. a google of MAYA and “experience design” might get it for you.