Expensive but CHEAP Medic ID Bracelet

Buyer beware when dealing with a company called Medic ID, website www.medicids.com. I purchased one of their medic bracelets (item 800PR) in March 2004, which cost me $49.63, and in six months, the finish had worn off the back, turning my arm green, and wearing down the engraving (which was not very deep to begin with) to the point of being unreadable. I called the company on 10/13/04 and spoke to someone named John about it. He quoted me their warranty policy which says I have to mail it back to them (my cost) along with a check for $4.50 (my cost again) so they can send me a new one back, and that one would only be covered for five more months. Why would I want another one? I told him I didn’t think I should have to pay anything for such a defective product, and he got really belligerent with me. He said these bracelets are only designed for about two year’s use anyway. He said that some people wear them for eight years without any problems, while others wear them only one WEEK and have problems. He gave a spiel about people’s different body chemistry causing reactions, and different humidity factors, etc. I asked why that wasn’t stated in any of their literature and said that I wanted my money back. Then he started in by calling me “Honey.” I said, “Don’t call me Honey.” He then blew up and said something like, “Just as soon as I called you “Honey” we had a problem, so we DO have a problem. You can send the bracelet back with a check for $4.50 and we’ll send you a new one, or you can just Buzz Off (only the word wasn’t Buzz)!” And he hung up on me. Who would want to deal with a company like that which produces supposedly life-saving products that are indecipherable to medical personnel and first-responders? The bracelet is also very rigid and difficult to even turn over to read the writing. In fact, I hadn’t noticed until today that the engraving was almost completely gone because I hadn’t taken it off before. It’s possible that the engraving has been gone for a couple of months, so any replacement might only last a month or two at that! I’m looking for a better product and a better company to deal with.

Your link is broken. Thanks for the warning. sounds like you had a real crappy experience. I heard a report today that doctors will be able to implant a small chip in you about the size of a grain of rice that can be scanned at the hospital and update doctors of your past history on the spot. emergency rooms will be able to know what you are alergic to, diabetes, etc. Holds much more information than the bracelets ever could. Maybe just put a chip in the bracelet? (and don’t lose it)

big brother or what? not if it’s voluntary.