Expected Salary for Interaction Designer in US

Someone Help,
with a BA in Industrial Design an MA in Interaction Design and 3.5 years experience in Interaction Design for a leading Design Group in Europe what would an expected salary be for me in the US MidWest?
Thanks for your help…
Confused and needing guidance

Do you mean 3.5 years total experience, or did you practice ID professionally before getting your MA?

I’d say $50k - $70k

3.5 years total experience in Interaction Design. I did not practice Industrial Design at all.

And anyway what is Chicago like? Are you living there? What is the cost of living and general Quality of Life?

With a 70.000 salary are you comfortable there?

To set the record straight ^, I didn’t say what I make… Just helping you with what you could expect.

You can live comfortably in Chicago from $40k+. $70k would be on the high-end for someone with your experience level…But nothing’s impossible if you’re great and/or bring more to the table.

Expect to pay $250-$350k for a 1-2 bedroom home or downtown condo.
Cost of living is good–MUCH more affordable than NYC or the Bay Area.

Chicago is a fantastic cultural city (despite the unpredictable weather and harsh winters.) It has a very strong design community, and plenty of supporting industry. I’ve lived and worked here for 7 years, (downtown in the “loop” for the last 5.)

The midwest is famous for it’s strong work ethic (it’s even called out specifically in the “Power of Design” article in Business Week) Bloomberg - Are you a robot?