Expectation of Beijing Olympic Games

I love basketball, I love NBA, and I’m a fan of Lakers, of Kobe. So I expect the 29th Olympic games in Beijing, especially, the basketball match between America and China, it must be excellent. Besides the match, the city Beijing is another expectation to me. I will spend much time there, so before the travel, I need to do the preparation well and make a good plan. Who can give me some good advice, thank you! May I need a guide? Or just a map is enough?

You could probably get by without a guide book since it’s such a tourist destination. You shouldn’t have any problems with a language barrier as many of the Chinese have, at the very least, a basic knowledge of English.

I pulled up a URL that you may want to look at. Happy travels!

Read up on the new rules for spectators, released this week. No drunkeness, streaking, gambling, banners or flags of non-participating areas.

No spitting or Flash Photography either.

I’d imagine there will be thousands of people just like you getting around the city while you’re there. This is probably a great time to visit Beijing.