exhibitions for licensing furniture designs

Hi to everyone :
We are a leading manufacturer of lab furniture (workstations, chairs,storage shelf etc) based in india. We are looking to expand the range by acquiring licenses for designs & by commissioning new designs based on our input.
We are interested to know which are the **major events/exhibitions/**conventions in USA/europe/asia where we can meet designers directly for discussions ? ideally we would like to be able to attend an event where designers may be displaying actual working prototypes of their designs for licensing.
We are able to get a basic idea of the designs from core 77 online photos/portfolios & now we would like to attend an event where we can meet the designers for detailed discussions on licensing.

First of all: What is YOUR company called?
Second of all: What kind of royalties would you intend to pay? How will the designer know your true sales figures, etc?

Hi, the Milan design week is very much targeted at furniture, it will be on April 4-9, 2017
October 22-30 of this year there is the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven the Netherlands where also furniture will be exhibited and you can talk to many upcoming and established designers.

Please bring a good company portfolio, and be aware that a fair royalty rate is about 5-10% of wholesale price.